2018年广东省梅州市高三总复习质检(5月二模)英语试题 - 在线阅读版




21-23 CAC 24-27 BDCA 28-31 BDAD 32-35 DACC 36-40 DAFEG

41-45 DBDCA 46-50 CABAC 51-55 BDABC 56-60 DACAD

61. what 62. are written 63. to 64. official 65. is 66. included

67. to speak 68. them 69. foreigners 70. a


High school is a time that we may meet many good teachers. When I was in Senior One, I met


my chemistry teacher calling John, who devoted himself in teaching. He tried his best to make

called to

her classes lively. He usually made good preparation for the lessons and was strict with us, too.



is preparations

Whenever we made mistakes in our homework, he would ask us to correcting them. I was used to be


poor in chemistry. He often helps me with my studies very patient. Because of his help, I made rapid

helped patiently



rogress and caught up with the class. He was always very kind to every student. As experienced


teacher, he was respected and loved by all the students.


Dear Leslie,

I’m Li Hua, chairman of the Student Union. I’m writing this e-mail to invite you to take part in the speech contest to be held in our school, whose title is “My dream& Chinese dream”.

I do think it’s a good chance for you to practice your Chinese. The contest will be held at 3:00 on Friday afternoon in our lecture hall. To get a good result, you’d better get prepared for it in advance. Do remember that you should give your speech in Chinese.

Wish you have a wonderful performance.


Li Hua




21.细节理解题。根据Boardman CX Comp部分第一行第一句This is a cross-country bike……so versatile that you can handle any terrain on it, making it a great choice for those wanting to try various cycling subjects.可以得知Boardman CX Comp的优势是C

22.细节理解题。根据Planet X RT-58 v2 部分第二行But it’s worth it, because this is an excellent machine at a lower price. Planet X is a highly rated manufacture and this model comes with Shimano Sora gears.可以得出是A选项。

23.推断题。根据Planet X RT-58 v2 部分第二行But it’s worth it, because this is an excellent machine at a lower price. Planet X is a highly rated manufacture and this model comes with Shimano Sora gears. 得知A选项不对。It comes with solid components from front to back and you’ll look great out on the road.可以看出B不对。D选项only不对。根据最后一段第一行If you can push your budget further still, this bike is worth the extra investment. The frame is made entirely from carbon, which is lighter, faster and morecomfortable than the composition metal models above and …可以看出C选项是正确的。

B24-27 BDCA

24 B 细节题。第一段最后一句可知;

25 D 细节题。第三段第三句可知;

26 C 细节题。最后一段第二句可知;

27 A 判断题。简单的推理判断。

C 篇(社会)


28. B。细节理解题。由第一段中的reading and writing didn't play a big part in their lives和作者帮父亲修改信件的经历以及He never wrote letters or postcards or even Christmas cards可知,作者的父亲很少写东西。

29. D。细节理解题。由第二段末的if you can read instructions, write a cheque, fill in a form — anything that you need to do in everyday life — then you are ‘functionally literate'可知,作者认为这类人读和写的能力能够满足生存需求。

30. A。推理判断题。第三段首句是本段的主题句,后用朋友父亲的故事举例说明。由该段中的A friend's father finally admitted to his family that he couldn't read ... and pretended to read it可推断,朋友的父亲之所以每天买报纸是为了保守他不识字的秘密。

31. D。细节理解题。由最后一段中的But don't forget that an illiterate person, or someone with a low level of literacy ... may not be unhappy at all可知,读写能力与幸福没有直接的关系。

D32-35 DACC


36-40 DAFEG




41. D。根据下文的smart acting可知,此处指“巧妙地(wisely)”应对。

42. B。根据下文所讲的竞选故事可知,如果处理不当,有可能需要花费巨额的资金,当时的情况确实很“糟糕(terrible)”。

43. D。根据最后一段中的a hard problem was solved wisely可知,巧妙应对,危机会变成良“机(opportunity)”。

44. C。根据下一段中的either burn the millions of folders可知,宣传页已经“印刷(printed)”。

45. A。印宣传页当然是希望没机会看到并聆听罗斯福演讲的选民可以“读到(read)”他的演讲。

46. C。根据上文的hopefully like it可知,选民可能会喜欢罗斯福的演讲,进而投票“选举(vote for)”他。

47. A。根据下文事态的进展可知,“糟糕的(bad)”是,没人注意到照片下方还有名字。

48. B。根据下一段中的By law, Moffet would have had to be asked for the right可知,摄影师的授权很重要,所以这个名字虽小,但相当“重要(important)”。

49. A。根据上文的By lawright可知,要“使用(use)”照片,得经过摄影师授权。

50. C。根据下文的the choices looked hard可知,竞选经理们“未能(failed)”获得摄影师的授权。

51. B52. D。根据上文的burn the millions of folders可知,一种选择就是“冒着(risk)”竞选失败的危险,换另一张“不同的(different)”照片,支付昂贵的印刷费用。

53. A。根据上文的pay the high priceask Moffet for belated permission可知,这两种选择的代价都很“高昂(expensive)”。

54. B。根据下文George Pekins力挽狂澜、扭转不利局势的做法可知,是他“扭转了局面(turned the tables)”。

55. CGeorge Pekins告诉摄影师他可以借罗斯福的竞选来做广告宣传自己,这是一个很有价值的“提议(offer)”。

56. D。根据下文的use a picture可知,宣传页上要印罗斯福的“照片(image)”。

57. A58. C。根据下文的Moffet said he would pay $250可知,George Pekins告诉Moffet这是一个非常好的“广告(advertisement)”机会,问Moffet如果用他拍的照片,他愿“出价(pay)”多少。

39. A。根据上文可知,Moffet答应出250美元,George Pekins表示“接受(accepted)”,这样难题也就解决了。

60. D。根据上文的小故事可知,难题得到解决的“关键(key)”是换一个角度思考问题。


61. what 分析句子结构可知,本句为表语从句缺主语,且表事物,故填what

62are written 此处是一般性描述,用一般现在时,又因为writesign之间是动宾关系,故用被动语态。

63. to be familiar to 为固定短语,意为“某物、某事为某人所熟悉。”

64. official 此处用office的形容词修饰名词languages。故填official

65. is

66. included

67. to speak

68. them

69. foreigners设空前为动词短语communicate with,其后应填名词作宾语。故填foreigners。此处应填名词作communicate with 的宾语并表泛指故用复数

70. a



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